Stay Motivated with a Tawa Fitness Centre Personal Trainer

Tawa’s Friendly and Professional Personal Trainers

No programme works without dedication, but with it you can achieve extraordinary things.

If you want the added motivation to stay dedicated to your fitness regime, our personal trainers can help you keep on track with your goals.

Without a personal trainer you could end up wasting time and effort following an exercise regime that won’t help you reach your fitness goals.

With diplomas in exercise science and years of industry experience they can use their expertise to guide you through safe technique and help you see results.

Why use a personal trainer?

  • Encouragement and motivation
  • Ensure correct technique
  • Expert advice to help you reach goals

Experience the Personal Trainer Difference

We reckon we’ve got the friendliest personal trainers in Tawa.

You’re welcome to approach them direct when you’re at the gym or we can match you with a trainer, just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

How often you use a personal trainer is up to you. Rates start at just $60 per hour, or $30 per half hour.