Michael Holley Functional Fitness

Sports Specific Conditioning and Sports Rehabilitation

Why Michael Holley Functional fitness?

Functional Fitness is all about exercise based around function, core strength and nutritional excellence for the purpose of getting your body to move better, stronger and faster.

How it works

I work with you to make Functional Fitness achievable.  The first step is to contact me on    027 2465539 for an obligation free chat. I'll run through your Functinal Fitness   requirements with you. You will receive one on one instruction, teaching you how to train and improve your movement patterns specific to your sport. I look at the body and mind as one powerful tool, helping athletes to get that competitive edge with a strong focus be it for "game day" or "sports specific training".

Why me?

Michael Holley Functional Fitness with 15 years experience in the fitness industry focuses on using advanced core conditioning as a base for a strong powerful body.   You will work at an optimal level while putting minimal stress on your joints, integrating core with the limbs to create a fully functional body that will excel in life in general or in a sporting environment.

Need Functional Fitness? Talk to Michael Holley!

If you're interested in Functional Fitness, Michael Holley would love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give him a call on 027 2465539.