Our Specialist Services

At Tawa Fitness Centre, whether you need Fitter Faster Trimmer Bootcamps, Functional FitnessSarbez Cycling Group or Wellness Physiotherapy, we've got you covered.  We work with our customers throughout Tawa, Grenada North, Churton Park, Johnsonville and Porirua to ensure that their fitness requirements, bootcamp, functional fitness, road cycling and physiotherapy needs are met. So what can we help with? Take a look at our main specialist services below...

Fitter Faster Trimmer Boot camps


Need to lose weight, get fitter, tone up? Fitter Faster Trimmer bootcamps can help. We provide a  fun challenging high intensity boot camp within a small supportive group environment to achieve results.

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Functional Fitness


If you're looking to optimise your bodies function while putting minimal stress on your joints, integrating core with the limbs to create a fully functional body that will excel in life in general or in a sporting environment, Functional Fitness Michael Holley is the perfect solution.  To find out more about how Functional Fitness can help, click the read more link below.

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Sarbez - Cycling Group


Sarbez Cycle Group will provide a friendly supportive group ensuring you get in those weekend rides. Caters for beginners and more experienced cyclists.  Plus it's free to members and non members alike. 

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Wellness Physiotherapy


Wellness Phsyiotherapy uses a hands-on, holistic approach to physiotherapy.  The main aim is achieving structural balance in you, with the ultimate aim of providing pain relief, as well as restoring health and wellness. 

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