Attend Group Fitness Classes at 
Tawa Fitness Centre

Our group fitness classes, pilates, spin and cirucit are a great social way to exercise and meet new people. We offer small classes, usually around ten people, so there’s more opportunity for feedback from the instructor.  Book to secure your space in your preferred classes. Bookings can be made one week prior to the class. 

Non-member Rates

A casual class is $15 or a ten trip concession is $125

The Young @ Heart Class for seniors is $10.00 or for convenience you can purchase
a ten trip for $100

Find a Class


Add variety to your training and get an intense full body workout in this fun filled class. It’s a mix of strength and aerobic exercise carried out at stations.

Pilates – Mat (Beginners)

Develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance with exercises based on Joseph Pilates’ work. Exercises are practiced on a mat, normally in a sitting or lying position, and target the deep abdominal and spine muscles in order to provide core strength.

Essentially it focuses on strengthening the “powerhouse”; that’s abs, hips, buttocks and lower back. The regular practice of Pilates can improve posture and increased abdominal tone, as well as increased comfort in the movements of your spine. This class is a great introduction.

Pilates – Mat

Designed to challenge you whatever your level or ability, this 45 minute class will help develop core strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance.

SPIN (Beginners)

Get an introduction to spinning, bike setup, riding positions and technique in this light, 30 minute indoor cycling session. This class caters for those with an average fitness level.


If you have a good fitness level try this high intensity workout on indoor cycles. Classes vary and may include sprints, jumps, hills or intervals.

Young @ Heart

Fun fitness class for seniors. Encouraging a more active lifestyle. Monday & Wednesday
classes are  a combination of pilates and stretching.  Tuesday & Thursday classes use
circuit training to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and strength.

Non-members are welcome to attend for $10 per class.

Tawa Fitness Centre Group Fitness Timetable:

Mon Tue  Wed Thu Sat
8.30am         SPIN 45min



CIRCUIT includes *YOUNG @ HEART 45min
10.30am *YOUNG @ HEART  45min

@ HEART 45min

*YOUNG @ HEART 45min





SPIN 45min   SPIN
6.00pm   PILATES(B) 30min


6.15pm     SPIN 50min    
6.35pm   SPIN 45min      
6.45pm SPIN(B) 30min        
7.05pm  PILATES
If you are booked into a class and can't make it please call to cancel so that another member can take your place. Thank you.  Class minimum number of 3 applies.  Timetable is subject to change without notice.

*Young @ Heart classes don't run during school holidays.