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Group Fitness


Our Tawa gym offers a range of group fitness classes included with your membership. Find out more and view a timetable to get involved.

Small Group Fitness


Perfect for specialist training, or high intensity workouts, our small group           fitness classes offer a more private gym experience.

Membership Options


At Tawa Fitness Centre we have a range of contract terms available, so you’re sure to find a membership option that works for you.  Joining is quick and easy.




Achieve Results You Can See, Feel and Keep at Tawa Fitness Centre

Tawa's Friendliest Gym and Fitness Centre

At Tawa Fitness Centre we provide quality health, fitness & weight management programmes.

We believe that joining a gym in Tawa doesn't have to be something to dread, our Tawa gym offers an encouraging, positive and fun atmosphere to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

You'll find our staff and our members very friendly, helpful and welcoming; some have even referred to us as the 'Cheers' of Tawa fitness centres.

Experience the difference it makes in one of our group fitness classes, small group fitness classes, or perhaps during a solo exercise session.

To join Tawa Fitness Centre and start making a positive difference to your life we invite you to read more information on membership or contact us to discuss your goals.